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Thursday 5th January 2017 - 6:33 pm
Comments Off on PM says he wants more breast care nurses, but…

PM says he wants more breast care nurses, but…

by Alan Thornhill

The Prime Minister, MalcolmTurnbull, says his government wants more “wonderful” breast care nurses.


He was speaking at the McGrath Foundation’s Pink Day High Tea, during Day 3 of ther Commonwealth Bank’s Test Series,  between Australia and Pakistan.


“Whether you are at home or here at the cricket, this is a time to make that commitment, show that love and support for these wonderful Breast Care Nurses,” Mr Turnbull said.

“ We want more of them,” he added.


He said he had met the Foundation in Hobart not so long ago and announced:  “… our re-commitment of a further $20.5 million to support 57 Breast Care Nurses over the next five years.


“That’s the Commonwealth Government’s continuing commitment.”


Meanwhile he encouraged private citizens in Australia to be as generous as possible in this cause.


He noted that kids were collecting money, in buckets, at the stadium yesterday, while more was being collected through the internet.


Meanwhile the acting opposition leader and shadow shadow treasurer, Chris Bowen, said even a former Liberal Treasurer, Peter Costello, now recognises that the government is on the wrong path with its tax policies.


He said the:  “ Turnbull Government’s company tax cuts – a $50 billion ram raid on the Budget – have taken a major hit with former Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello now arguing it’s more important to pursue personal income tax cuts.

“Mr Costello’s intervention makes a mockery of Scott Morrison’s argument that the company tax cuts are desperately needed to generate ‘jobs and growth’.

“Mr Costello has previously criticised the company tax cut plan for not being properly funded.

“The $50 billion tax cuts for big business were the centre piece of Scott Morrison’s 2016 Budget and the Government’s election campaign.


“But the Government hasn’t tried to pass the legislation through the Parliament,” Mr Bowen said.

“The fact is, the $50 billion tax cut for big business is keeping the Budget under pressure at the exact time Standard & Poor’s have Australia’s AAA rating on negative watch,” he added.

“Scott Morrison is simply clueless as Treasurer.


Previously he argued strongly for personal income tax cuts himself before being rolled by Malcolm Turnbull on increasing the GST


“And then he settled for a unfounded $50 billion tax cut for big business,”  Mr Bowen said.

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Thursday 5th January 2017 - 7:20 am
Comments Off on The news: Thursday January 5

The news: Thursday January 5

by Alan Thornhill

Australia and Indonesia said to be “struggling” to restore military relations ABC



Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for a pardon for a soldier convicted of manslaughter for killing a wounded Palestinian.  BBC






A commission set up by Myanmar’s government says it has so far found no evidence of genocide against Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state.BBC






Wednesday 4th January 2017 - 7:08 pm
Comments Off on Job hunting? make it strategic

Job hunting? make it strategic

by Alan Thornhill


Australia’s mining industry still offers some of Australia’s highest salaries even though its boom is now over according to   new study.


However people who want  steady work, in the years ahead, might be better advised to think looking for a job in our health or social assistance industries.



These are among the main conclusions of the regular study conducted by Bankwest, a division of the Commonwealth Bank.


Bankwest said Australia’s retail industries had overtaken manufacturing as the nation’s biggest employer in 2002.



It said:  “…(they had) then held top spot until it in turn was overtaken by health and social assistance in 2010.


“No industry has displaced health since then, and probably won’t, due to the ageing of the population,” Bankwest concluded.


Its Chief Economist, Alan Langford, said: “Manufacturing’s share of total employment has fallen from almost 16 per cent in the early 1990s, to less than 8 per cent now.


“Retail’s share is little changed at around 10½ per cent – it was 11 per cent in the three years to 1991, and peaked at 11.8 per cent in 2005.


“Health and social assistance’s share has grown from 8½ per cent a quarter of a century ago, to just over 12½ cent in the mid-2010s.


“Retail trade’s average 10.6 per cent share of total employment in the three years to 2016 leaves it as the nation’s second largest employer, followed by construction at 8.9 per cent, then professional and scientific services at 8.3 per cent.


“ Manufacturing’s 7.7 per cent puts it behind education and training at 7.9 per cent.


“Nevertheless, manufacturing’s share may have troughed – its share in 2016 was up a bit on 2015, while on a quarterly trend basis, it troughed at 7.3 per cent in early 2016, and has since ticked back up to 7.8 per cent,” Mr Langford added.

Wednesday 4th January 2017 - 7:29 am
Comments Off on The news:Thursday December 4

The news:Thursday December 4

by Alan Thornhill

Ford abandons its plan to build a new plant in Mexico, saying it will now be built in the US.  It says president-elect Trump is encouraging the switch.  ABC




A small earthquake, measuring 3.9, hits areas South of Sydney to Wollongong. ABC




Republicans are to drop a plan to gut the independent body that investigates political misconduct, after an outcry.BBC

Monday 2nd January 2017 - 7:54 am
Comments Off on The news:Monday January 2

The news:Monday January 2

by Alan Thornhill

Police in Istanbul are hunting for a gunman who opened fire at a well-known nightclub, killing at least 39



Canadian police have charged a pilot for Sunwing Airlines with impairment after he was allegedly found passed out over his seat before take-off early on Saturday abc




Ronda Rousey has broken her media silence to thank her fans and ask for “some time to reflect and think about the future” following her ” devastating loss” to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 on Friday night.

Saturday 31st December 2016 - 7:22 am
Comments Off on The news: Saturday December 31 (New Year’s eve)

The news: Saturday December 31 (New Year’s eve)

by Alan Thornhill

President Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats from the US alleging that

they    interfered in the rcent US presidential eelections.

President Putin says there will be no retliation





Sunday 1st January 2017 - 7:01 am
Comments Off on The news: Sunday January 1 (New Year’s day)

The news: Sunday January 1 (New Year’s day)

by Alan Thornhill






The Federal government will cut the pensions and benefits of “wealthier” pensioners from today. The money saved will be used to help pay for $50 billion worth tax cuts for some of the  of the world’s wealthiest   companies over the price next 5  years





At least 28 people have died in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in a double bombing claimed by so-called Islamic State (IS).  BBC






Washington: A code associated with the Russian hacking operation dubbed Grizzly Steppe has been detected within the system of a Vermont utility, according to US officials.











Tuesday 27th December 2016 - 6:34 pm
Comments Off on Minister “withheld” vital information” Labor

Minister “withheld” vital information” Labor

by Alan Thornhill

Labor says the Social Security Minister, Christian Porter, withheld information he had on a mining company’s delay, in paying a substantial tax bill.


The accusation is serious, in parliamentary terms, because it contains overtones of divided loyalties.


Mr Porter, a former West Australian Treasurer and Attorney General, later moved to Federal politics, where he was given the Social Security portfolio.


But his situation became unclear, when the WA government launched what has been described as a “bold but disastrous” bid to seize the assets of the mining  company at the heart of the dispute, the Bell Group.
The State government’s policies were defeated, after the Federal government challenged them in the High Court in May.


But the Shadow Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus, said that left Bell owing some $300 million in tax.


In a statement today, he said:  “Christian Porter’s late confession that he knew far more about the Bell Group saga than originally disclosed – delivered just days before Christmas – raises serious questions about the depth of his involvement in this sordid affair,”  Mr Dreyfus said.


Despite telling Parliament on 30 November that his involvement was extremely limited, and that he had no discussions with then-Treasurer Mr Hockey’s office over the matter, Mr Porter has now changed his story,” he added.


It is clear that Mr Porter’s involvement goes far deeper than he had been prepared to own up to in Parliament on 30 November” Mr Dreyfus said.


So far, neither Mr Porter, nor the Federal government, have replied to today’s statement.



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