Monday 26th December 2016 - 7:10 pm

Government “shaving” pensions: Labor

by Alan Thornhill

Labor has again accused the Federal government of shaving  pensioners’ incomes, despite its pre-election promise not to do so.



The government leader in the Senate, Penny Wong, said the government is doing this by withdrawing valuable concessions, including discounts on Council rates.


She said thousands of Australian pensioners will lose present concessions, including discounts on Council rates, Senator Wong said.



Some 90,000 pensioners would be hit in this way.


“Thousands of pensioners will lose important concessions, including discounts on council rates because of the Turnbull Government’s changes to the pension assets test,” Senator Wong said.


“Not only will these pensioners lose their pension but they will also lose important concessions as well.


“This is a double blow for pensioners,” she added.


Senator Wong also said that Joe Hockey, who was then Treasurer, had promised at the time of the 2015 budget  “Anyone who currently has a Pensioner Concession Card will continue to receive a concession card that provides the same benefits.”


“Turns out the Liberals were lying all along,”  Senator Wong said.

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