Monday 12th December 2016 - 8:35 pm

Rising anger: where will it stop?

by Alan Thornhill



Australians are, once again, facing prerevolutionary politics


We’ve done it before.


Older readers, with memories stretching back more than two, or perhaps three decades, will remember  how proud we all were, back then, of Australia’s multicultural society.


We weren’t the first. though, to let pride in our civic achievements escape.


One of the proudest boasts of modern European history, is that of those who spoke in glowing terms of what they, themselves had achieved

in those stirring times, reminding all who would listen, their actions had really been all about.








Declarations are seldom  more powerful than those.


But Andrew Leigh has long had his doubts.


And he has let them  show.


No-one has written more about the impact of poverty in Australia, than he.


Not yet, perhaps, the extemes of poverty that had left women and children to starve in France.


But enough to leave men, who once worked in a car factory, wondering if they still had a future.



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