Thursday 8th December 2016 - 4:31 pm

Blowout hits Australian trade

by Alan Thornhill

Australia’s trade deficit rose by $269 million – or 21 per cent – in October on seasonally adjusted figures the bureau of statistics published today.


That left the nation with a $1,541 million deficit for the month on this basis.


The bureau also reported that, on trend figures, Australia recorded a 9 per cent rise in its trade deficit of $1,565 million, for October


The bureau also said that in seasonally adjusted terms, goods and services credits rose $389m (1%) to $27,631m.


Non-rural goods rose $223m (1%) and non-monetary gold rose $198m (13%).

Rural goods fell $150m (4%) and net exports of goods under merchanting fell $3m (6%). Services credits rose $121m (2%).


In seasonally adjusted terms, goods and services debits rose $658m (2%) to $29,172m. Capital goods rose $490m (10%), consumption goods rose $100m (1%) and intermediate and other merchandise goods rose $97m (1%). Non-monetary gold fell $162m (26%). Services debits rose $135m (2%).











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